André Walzl:
Going Mad from the Revelation in the Comfort of your Home

„Knowledge, Technology and (in)Sanity in Arkham Horror“

Andre Walzl, Going mad from the Revelation in the comfort of your home, Arkham horror, lovecraft, Wissenschaft, scius-Verlag


The rise of transmedia franchises over the last decade has also increased the interest in boardgames, a medium which had until then been a niche hobby restricted to widely spread games such as Settlers of Catan or Risk. This renewed attention has also inspired creators to look for source texts which have not been implented into a game yet, as is the case with H.P. Lovecraft’s works. His unique take on horror stories has not only inspired a universe to which other authors have added over the years but also keeps attracting readers today. The author of this study seeks to look at how the interplay between knowledge, technology and (in)sanity, a distinguishing feature of Lovecraft’s stories is realized in Arkham Horror, the biggest and most successful boardgame realization of the Cthulhu Mythos.

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ISBN: 9783946331056

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